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Regardless of Conflicting Reports on Steve Nash’s Expected Return, Lakers Should Sit Nash for a Month

November 5th, 2012 at 5:32 PM
By Brandon Duran

Steve Nash was diagnosed with a non-displaced fracture in his shin on Saturday, but multiple media outlets have reported different return times for Nash. Originally, the Lakers announced that Nash would miss one week. However, after the win over the Detroit Pistons last night, the LA Times reported that Nash would be out for a month.

Today, Ken Berger, the NBA Insider and writer for CBS Sports tweeted that Nash will only miss about 7-10 days. Regardless of all the estimations, the Lakers should sit Nash for a month. The 17-year veteran is 38 years old, and rushing him back will only hurt the Lakers long-term goals this season, which is of course winning an NBA Title.

In the mean time, backups Steve Blake, Darius Morris, and Chris Duhon will benefit from Nash’s injury. Throughout the preseason, the play of the backup point guards was a concern, in case Nash was to get hurt or become fatigued. Now that Nash is out, the backups must step up and play efficient basketball. In the last two games Steve Blake, who has started in place of Steve Nash, has averaged 7 points and 4 assists in 34.5 minutes a game. Darius Morris has received most of the time at backup point guard over the veteran Chris Duhon.

The point guard position isn’t the sole reason the Lakers are 1-1 without Steve Nash this season. Blake and Morris have held their own and their play will continue to improve as the season goes along. Nash’s body will take longer to heal now that he is 38 years old, so the Lakers should invest in their future and sit Nash for a month.

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